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October 6-7, 13-14, 20-21
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Halloween Legends & Lore

A series of six spooky evenings held in the Crossroads Village at Old World Wisconsin.

Witness a historic Halloween event unlike anything you’ve seen before—from ghostly whispers in the night to folkloric traditions held by candlelight, you’ll experience live storytelling, Halloween-themed games, hot food, warm drinks, local music and more. 

Wisconsin Tales of the Cryptids

From the infamous bull-horned Hodag to the Beast of Bray Road & the Goat Men of Kettle Moraine, hear stories about the ghouls lurking in the shadows of our less-traveled regions.  

Scary Folktales Come to Life

Wisconsin immigrants brought countless tales and superstitions with them. From the Slavic folktale of Baba Yaga to the story of the Austrian Nachtkrapp, experience the legends that kept your ancestors awake at night.  

Victorian Séance

Communicate with the spirit world. Attend if you dare, as guests have reported strange sounds, sights and sensations during the event held in this historic, candlelit home…

19th-Century Funeral

Curious about how Victorians honored their dead? Watch a faithful reenactment and see what concerns the living once had about their dearly departed… remember to ring the bell!

Are you brave enough to partake in an authentic Victorian séance? Bold enough to attend a haunted 19th-century funeral? Adventurous enough to eavesdrop on fireside stories about infamous ghosts and ghouls? 

The Emporium of Oddities

The Crossroads Village General Store transforms each year into the ghoulish Emporium of Oddities, complete with strange baubles, spooky specimens & more.

Halloween Games

Take part in family-friendly Halloween games while earning candy from performers and participants. 

Live Music

Ready to do the Monster Mash? Listen to live music featuring a host of local performers while dressed in your favorite Halloween attire.

Food & Special Halloween Brews

The Crossroads Village Town Hall features a range of food & drink options. Enjoy a special seasonal beer made for Legends & Lore, along with other local brews.


Top-Secret Spooky Activity

Need a little more fright in your Halloween night? Legends & Lore will be adding a SECRET, extra-scary optional activity this year… but you’ll have to visit to find out more.

Ready for a spook-tacular experience unlike any other?

Grab your tickets now and experience Halloween Legends & Lore.

Select Fridays & Saturdays in October | 5:30 – 9:30 PM

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