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Rob Novak checking ingredients at OWW brewhouse test photoshoot.

The Brewhouse

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From large breweries to corner bars, big labels to modern microbrews, beermaking is a huge part of Wisconsin’s culture and heritage. The new Brewing Experience presented by the Cleary-Kumm Family taps into the state’s brewing past by creating immersive environments where you can see, smell, feel, and — of course — taste this history. You’ll get hands-on, see how beer is made, engage with beermakers and our brew crew, and relax with a few cold ones on your own.

A brewhouse during the sunset

The Brewhouse

This is where the magic happens! During the Brewing Experience presented by the Cleary-Kumm Family, our brewers will take you through every step of the brewing process using ingredients grown just outside our modern Brewhouse designed with historic inspirations. Feel the heat from the kettle, smell the beer as it brews, and engage with beermakers producing authentic historic recipes right in front of you. Say cheers and enjoy samples of the beer produced in the Brewhouse, along with other brews. This experience is available as part of any general admission ticket at Old World Wisconsin.

“My favorite place was the brewery. We loved the beer that we sampled!”

Amber Salinas


Wisconsin’s Flavorful Ingredients

A good beer starts with good ingredients! Walk through a garden of all the materials and flavors that come together to make the perfect pint.

See how these crops are planted, grown, and harvested, and explore how slight modifications in the combination of just a few ingredients can drastically alter a beer’s look and taste.

Traditional German Beer Garden example


Visit the beautiful Biergarten, purchase food in the café, and try popular Wisconsin-made beers. A modern space with historical German influences, the Biergarten offers a glimpse into similar outdoor community spaces popularized throughout the Midwest and can host special events, programs, concerts, outdoor dining, and more.

This is a representative photo of what the Biergarten could look like when finished.

Wittnebel’s Tavern

Belly up to the bar in an authentic 1930s tavern relocated to Old World Wisconsin from its original home in southern Dodge County. As with all local taverns, this place is much more than a place to grab a drink. Chat up the bartender, listen to vintage radio broadcasts, and explore how taverns brought communities together. Outside, you can get your photo taken with a 1930s beer delivery truck.

Wittnebel's Tavern interior