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Group of guests watch as a volunteer does basic farming chores

Classic Field Trips


Classic Field Trips are designed for grades 4-8 and include the iconic Old World Experiences you know and love! Your day will consist of 2 60 minute programs chosen from the list below, plus a lunch break.

Classic Field Trips cost cost $8/student. Add a third program for an additional $3 per student.

Group Size:

44-66 students max per program. See details below.

Please Note: your group will be sub-divided into smaller groups of 22 students that will rotate to different stations within each program.

Requires a 1:10 chaperone ratio.

There is no charge for teachers and school staff to attend Field Trips at Old World Wisconsin. Parent chaperones may attend with a cost of $15 each. Each chaperone must be approved for attendance by the teacher.

To Book Your Field Trip please complete the Field Trip Reservation Form


Global Kitchen — (Incorporates History, Geography, Economics, Science)

44 students per 60 min program

From the busy General Store to a bustling kitchen, students will learn how to shop and use ingredients in the 19th century. How does cinnamon get from Southeast Asia to Wisconsin? Follow the map! How do you buy a pound of sugar when it comes in a giant barrel? Measure it out! Students will explore world connections, economics and kitchen science in this busy, hands-on tour.

Apprenticeship — (Incorporates History, Science, Economics)

66 students per 60 min program

Students tour the Wagon Shop, Blacksmith Shop, and Shoe Shop and learn about the
role of apprentices (kids just like them) in historic trades. They’ll learn about the chemistry and physics of the trades and see first-hand the art and science of historic trades.

School House – (Incorporates History, Social Studies, Game Play, Nature)

66 students per 60 min program

Learn firsthand how a one-room school education taught children not only their English ABCs, but how to be an American as you participate in a class and outdoor recess. Then walk home to a one-room cabin in the Wisconsin Territory and explore the space with a scavenger hunt.

Historic Pastimes — (Incorporates History, Engineering, Art, Social Science)

44 students per 60 min program

Not every moment was dedicated to work – leisure time in the 19th century can teach us a lot about History! Learn about 19th century cycling by going for a ride, join a traveling theatre troupe and help put on a play – but do you trust the critics writing the reviews? Learn about primary and secondary sources and judge for yourself.

Settling In — (Incorporates History, Social Studies, Geography)

66 students per 60 min program

Why would people half a world away pack their belongings into a trunk and leave their homeland to come to Wisconsin? Students learn the answer to this question as they pack an immigrant trunk, try traditional activities such as carding wool, and learn about farming with a heritage animal encounter.

Pioneer Power (Incorporates History, Simple Machines, Physics)

66 students per 60 min program

It took a lot of science, technology, engineering, and math skills to run a successful immigrant farm in early Wisconsin. Discover what 19th century “STEM” was like by learning about rope making, using pulleys and levers, and other simple machines.