Heirloom Garden Month


Get your hands dirty and help us tend and harvest our historical gardens, weave garden fences, paint pictures of botanicals, taste the lineage of fresh heirloom vegetables and herbs and more as we celebrate our gardening heritage during heirloom garden month!

Garden Tours with Marcia Carmichael

A Tour of German Immigrant Gardens
Aug. 9 & 26, 1:30 pm

Travel in time from the 1860s to the 1880s as you explore the herbs, fruits, vegetables, and flowers of our German Immigrant Gardens.

A Tour of Yankee Landscape Design
Aug. 18 & 24, 1:30 pm

“Pet and sniff” an array of plantings and delve into elements of garden design from beds to special garden architecture. All ages welcome!


Tasting and Cooking Demonstrations – all month long

Join us as we harvest fruit, vegetables, and herbs from the garden and transform them in to dishes in our immigrant kitchens. Taste freshly picked produce and pick up historic recipes cards to inspire your own culinary adventures at home.

Old World Heirloom Gardens

Tend the Garden Paths
Aug. 1 & 5, 1:30 pm

1860s German Immigrant Farm

Hands of all sizes can join in as we work together to spread the sawdust that keeps down weeds and brings order to the blooms.

weaving fence

Help Weave A Garden Fence
Aug. 10-14

1870s German Immigrant Farm

Help weave the walls of our garden and watch as your handiwork becomes part of Old World Wisconsin’s architecture for years to come!

Botanical Paintings
Monday-Thursdays. Starting Aug. 6

1900s School House

Try your hand at a watercolor or pencil drawing inspired by the teaching gardens at the school.

Honeycomb in a Jar

The Magic of Bees
Aug. 6 & 16

1860s German Immigrant Farm

Learn about how bees make honey, how people collect it, and taste local honeys for yourself.

Button-Hole Bouquets
August 14, 16, 21 and 23

Yankee Home, Crossroads Village

Create your own Button-Hole Bouquets and learn about the meaning of different plants and find the perfect mix of scent, symbolism, and beauty.


Gardening with Animal Manure
Aug. 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 12-3 pm

Next to the General Store, Crossroads Village

Become a manure-connoisseur and learn about how you can use animal manures in your own garden.

Dyeing Plants

Dyeing with Plants
August 4, 11, 18, 25, 12-3 pm

1860s Norwegian Immigrant Farm

Help grind and simmer, dip and dry as we take humble garden plants and simple wool and transform them into a rainbow of colored yarns.

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