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Preparing for Your Field Trip

Prepare for your visit

Take time before your visit to review the Field Trip Planner Guide below with your students and adult chaperones so everyone is prepared for their visit. This planner includes: What to Know Before You Go, How to Check-In, Weather Info, Directions, Cancellation Policy, and more. We recommend printing and bringing this PDF during your visit.

Field Trip Guide

In addition, thoroughly review your confirmation from Old World Wisconsin.  Please call if the information is not what you think it should be.

Guests pet a goat in its enclosure

Organize your students into groups

Different Field Trips require your students to move around the grounds in different sized groups. This is due to the capacity of our historic structures, and to ensure that everyone has time to get as hands-on as they can. Please note the required group size, and chaperone needs, listed in your confirmation materials.

If you have multiple groups, please arrange student groups by bus. Please note: if you are doing the following Field Trips you must use your bus to travel to the Field Trip location AFTER checking in as a group at the Main Entrance: Settling In, School House, Farm Kids, and Pioneer Kids. Your bus driver will receive a map upon arrival at the Main Entrance. Delays caused by shuffling or redistributing your students upon arrival can disrupt your Field Trip schedule.

Day Of Payment

If you have approved chaperones whose admission was not covered by the school, they must pay before entering the grounds for the Field Trip. Please ask your chaperones to organize this in advance to consolidate the payments. Have several adults each needing to go to the Admission desk and pay individually will cause delays and disrupt your Field Trip schedule.

If your school has payments yet to make when you arrive, please dedicate one staff member from your school to go to the Admissions desk to process the payment. Please do not have the students leave the bus until instructed by Old World Wisconsin Staff.

Cancellations and late arrivals

If you know you will need to cancel before the day of your visit, please call 262-594-6313 as soon as possible.

We are unable to adjust program start times. Please plan accordingly and verify scheduled arrival times with your bus company.

Please be on time. However, if you encounter problems on the day of your visit and are running late, please call our Admissions Desk at 262-594-6301.