Teacher Testimonials

Field trip students in 1880s Village at Old World Wisconsin.

The following comments were submitted by Wisconsin and Illinois teachers about their field trips to Old World Wisconsin.

"Students at fifth grade level are intrigued by learning history through experience. There were some connections the students made between our curriculum and the museum. Therefore, the "hands-on" experiences were great for them.

Farmer Ben and the oxen were a huge hit!!!"

Atwater School, Shorewood

"It was a wonderful experience. Your facility is beautiful and well worth the trip."

Burleigh Elementary, Brookfield

"The change to hands on is a very positive one."

Darien School, Darien

"All was great! I liked the packing of the trunk. I also liked it when the interpreters ask the students questions. All speakers were very positive and kind to the students. They knew their materials and information."

"Everyone is so friendly!"

"Great day! Thank you so much!"

Eagle Elementary, Eagle

"The kids really made connections!"

"I wish we could have had more time!"

Hawthorn Elementary

"Very well organized. Seemed to have more people helping and directing the groups. The tram ride was great. The Ketola Farm workers were excellent! We liked that someone showed us the way and came to get us for lunch!"

Holy Apostles School, New Berlin

"It was great to have the kids 'help' in the shoe shop and the blacksmith shop."

Jefferson Elementary, Wauwatosa

"Fantastic as usual! The students loved every minute! Thanks for a job well-done!

Kosciuszko Elementary, Cudahy

"We enjoy learning new things every time we come here."

Lancaster Elementary, Milwaukee

"Great experience, but next year we will be sure to sign up for the Schulz family farm — we missed the oxen and the Schulz' beautiful garden.

We love this field trip; it is an excellent experience, especially because some of our children will never get another chance to go to Old World [Wisconsin]. Every year we try to visit different areas."

Mineral Point Elementary, Mineral Point

"Getting kids involved — all areas — wonderful."

Oriole Lane, Mequon

"I have been bringing 4th graders to you for 12 years, and this visit was by far the best ever. All options were diverse and the students were active learners."

St. Bruno School, Dousman

"We had a wonderful day and learned very much! Thank you! The "content experts" were great and could relate well to the children. Especially excellent were the oxen, shoe store, and blacksmith "experts.""

St. Charles School, Hartland

"I really like the "hands-on" and student involvement [Old World Wisconsin] has now. (I was there 4 years ago and recall the tours being more lecture-type then.) We could only be there a couple of hours (not including lunch). Wish we could have seen more."

St. Matthew Lutheran School, Iron Ridge

"Our favorite part was the oxen! They were great!! We learned a lot about the flax processing, too! It's really neat to see how things were done back in the day! Overall a wonderful time and bravo to those who educated us!

Star Center School, Lake Geneva

"This was our first field trip to Old World Wisconsin and we will definitely come again! Everything was so organized. The schedule and timeline worked really well. Thanks for all of your efforts!"

"The organization of all four of our groups was beautifully orchestrated. The information fit in with our curriculum extremely well. The children were given a chance to work on the flax and wash some dishes with homemade soap — they really enjoyed these activities. The interpreters added fun and personal statements which gave real credibility to their character. Excellent program!"

"The students really enjoyed all of the hands-on experiences! You can never have too many of those. I did like going to a single area and learning about one nationality in depth. The 1880s Village was an enjoyable self-guided tour. Each building where an interpreter was available brought history to life for the students and definitely added to the presentation of the building information. More interpreters would only maximize the impact of this 'living museum.' The tram ride was a great introduction when we arrived."

Summit View Elementary, Waukesha

"We like the new format! I like how interactive the stations are. The students will walk away [with a] better understanding."

Van Buren Elementary, Janesville

"Wonderful experience!"

"The pacing was awesome!"

"I have been coming here for 10 years and this was the best experience ever."

"The hands-on activities were awesome. The experts were very knowledgeable and patient with the kids."

Waubesa Intermediate, McFarland

"I really liked the new format. I think that the students got a better understanding of how life was in the past. All speakers did a great job. We did less traveling and more learning."

Woodside Elementary, Sussex