Preparing for Your Field Trip

Students participate in activities on a Old World Wisconsin field trip.
Prepare for your visit

Be sure to take time before your visit to review the Field Trip Guide with your students and adult chaperones so everyone is prepared for their visit.

You will need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view PDF files. Get the latest version of Acrobat Reader free from Adobe.

Before Your Visit

Review your contract carefully when it arrives

Thoroughly review your contract. Is everything accurate including arrival and departure time, lunch time, museum store schedule and tour areas you wish to visit?

Organize your students into groups

Each tour choice (Village 1, German 1) can accommodate up to 75 students. There are 3 station stops (Blacksmith, Wool Processing, Oxen) within each tour choice. Each station stop can accommodate up to 25 students.

Example 1: 60 students total

Students should be split into three groups of 20. Each sub-group will rotate through the three stations stops within each one-hour tour choice.

Example 2: 120 students total

Students should be split into two groups of 60. Each group of 60 will attend a different tour choice each hour. Each group of 60 should then be split again into three groups of 20 in order to rotate through the three station stops within each one-hour tour choice.

Once you receive your contract, divide students into the groups specified. If you have multiple groups, please arrange student groups by bus. Please note: if you are visiting the German or Norwegian areas, you will use your bus to travel between the Visitor Center and back. Your bus driver will receive a map upon arrival at the main entrance. Delays caused by shuffling or redistributing your students upon arrival can disrupt your tour arrangements.

Please make one payment for your entire group

Your school/organization is responsible for payment for the total number of students in your group plus the cost for any additional adults.  Payment is due 2 weeks before your field trip date.  We accept VISA, MasterCard or checks (payable to Old World Wisconsin).  Please note that no other discounts, such as free passes or WHS memberships are accepted for field trips.

Cancellations and late arrivals

If you know you will need to cancel before the day of your visit, please call 262-594-6312.

Please be on time. However, if you encounter problems on the day of your visit and are running late, please call our Administration Office at 262-594-6301.

Be advised of moving trams throughout the site

Remember that trams are motor vehicles and like any car or bus, they can be dangerous. Students must not jump on, off or in front of a moving tram. When a tram is approaching, please have all members of your group move to the side of the road.

Enjoy your visit!

Above all, we want your experience at Old World Wisconsin to be educational and enjoyable. If you have any questions, please contact the Educational Coordinator at 262-594-6312 or by email.