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Time Travelers Adventure Camps.


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Looking for adventure? Use your wits to solve puzzles and decipher riddles as you compete on a site-crossing, heart-thumping scavenger hunt through the 1800s and early 1900s in the Amazing Race Through Time.

Pioneer Power will teach you the basics using simple machines and more. See how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and history connect through pioneer power!

Like animals? Be sure to check out Animals Up Close. One-Room School House Rocks lets you experience school like a kid in the 1800s — down to the lunch basket! Farm-to-Table Camp is perfect for young "foodies," as is Baking Back in Time. Civil War Camp and Little House Adventures transport you back to the inspirational days of Abraham Lincoln and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Ready for the next step? Old World Apprentices is for you!

We have camps for 1st graders through high schoolers — with loads of fun for all!


Register online or by phone.


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Here's what parents have said about our camps

  • "Our granddaughter had the best birthday of her life at Laura camp. She got in the car and said it was better than she ever expected it to be. She loved every facet of things they did. I so admire all the prep work it takes to make those camps so special. Thanks for offering them."

  • "He enjoyed working with the Blacksmith and learning about the history. He liked it all."

  • "She definitely wants to attend next summer — this is her second time attending the One Room Schoolhouse camp and she wants to attend again next year."

  • "Yes, I would send my child again, because I think it is a valuable and meaningful way to explore the past in a 'real world' manner that helps children understand the life of the pioneers before them.

  • This experience provides kids with a sense of gratitude for today and awareness of the bravery of those pioneers before them and their willingness to create better tools to overcome obstacles."

  • "As she told me, she loved everything — she loves being in the school and spending the day as it would have been. She really enjoys how everyone is dressed for the period."