Historic Terminology

Historic base ball equipment.


    Historic base ball is a stark contrast to today's modern game. It had its own lingo and our team's players stick to it. Batters are referred to as "strikers," a catcher is called a "behind," players are "ballists," errors are "muffs," and a scored run is a "tally" or "ace." Learn more historic base ball terminology below.

  • Ball: ball
  • Bat: ash, timber, hickory, club
  • Batter: striker, batsman
  • Catcher: catcher
  • Error: muff, muffed ball, miss
  • Field: ground, grounds
  • Fly Ball: skyer, sky ball, riser, flyer, air ball
  • Game: match
  • Ground Ball: daisy cutter, skimmer, bounder, grounder
  • Hard Hit: corker, stinger, whizzer, shooter
  • Infielder: base man
  • Innings: rounds
  • Least-Skilled Players: muffins
  • Outfielder: fielder
  • Pitcher: pitcher
  • Player: ballist, base-ballist
  • Run: tally, run
  • Safe: not out, in
  • Spectators: audience, followers
  • Team: club nine, nine, side
  • Umpire: umpire
  • Wahoo! Hurrah! Hip, hip hurrah!