Historic Terminology

Historic base ball equipment.


    Historic base ball is a stark contrast to today's modern game. It had its own lingo and our team's players stick to it. Batters are referred to as "strikers," players are "ballists," errors are "muffs," and a scored run is a "tally." Learn more historic base ball terminology below.

  • Ball: ball
  • Bat: ash, timber, hickory, club
  • Batter: striker, batsman
  • Catcher: catcher
  • Error: muff, muffed ball, miss
  • Field: ground, grounds
  • Fly Ball: skyer, sky ball, riser, flyer, air ball
  • Game: match
  • Ground Ball: daisy cutter, skimmer, bounder, grounder
  • Hard Hit: corker, stinger, whizzer, shooter
  • Infielder: base man
  • Innings: rounds
  • Least-Skilled Players: muffins
  • Outfielder: fielder
  • Pitcher: pitcher
  • Player: ballist, base-ballist
  • Run: tally, run
  • Safe: not out, in
  • Spectators: audience, followers
  • Team: club nine, nine, side
  • Umpire: umpire
  • Wahoo! Hurrah! Hip, hip hurrah!