Game Recaps

The cranks observe a Diamond striker from the hillside. Photo courtesy Mike Morbeck
  1. Games of Summer 2013

    The Eagle Diamonds share 19th-century base ball diamond with hillside crowds at Old World Wisconsin's historic Ward School House field.

    The following match summaries provide a record of each 2013 contest. These game accounts are inspired by the original language and writing style employed by Wisconsin newspaper editors when reporting on these spirited local competitions.

  2. Safe at third

    A moment of silence.
    -Photo courtesy of Mike Morbeck.

    Final Score: Eagle Diamonds 9, Milwaukee Cream Citys 18.

    Unlucky Thirteen for the Diamonds

    July 13, 2013
    The thirteenth of July was the day appointed for the annual match up between the ever friendly rivals, the Milwaukee Cream Citys and the Eagle Diamonds base ball clubs. It proved to be very fine and the attendance was considerably large. A good deal of interest in the new members of the Eagle Diamonds brought the numbers out in the crowd.

    At precisely half past one o'clock, the Diamonds of this place entered the field wearing mourning armbands in honor of Martin Perkins, club founder and former leader of the team for its first eight years of matches. A moment of silence was taken.

    Then the home club went to bat and had three outs recorded against them and no tallies, while the visitors succeeded in recording two runs before the third man had been retired. It was evident that the Diamonds were nervous, but at the top of the fifth inning had managed to tie the score at 9-9. During the sixth inning, when the Cream Citys were at bat and had put two runners in the field, the next batter hit a ball to the Diamonds’ rover, resulting in two outs, though to the crowd it seemed to be three, causing a great stir of excitement among the audience.

    After the excitement died down, it appeared that the disappointment of the Diamonds resulted in a few errors, allowing the Cream Citys to tally six more runs before the inning was over. The unseasoned Diamond team gained no more luck through the rest of the game. The game was characterized by good behavior throughout and the members of both nines conducted themselves in a gentlemanly manner. There were some excellent plays and quite a number of very bad errors on both sides, yet the score, which stood at 18 for the visitors and 9 for the home club, indicates that the playing was up to the average of amateurs.

    Final Score:
    Eagle Diamonds 9 – Milwaukee Cream Citys 18

    JVH: 7/16/13

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